As I recently looked online for old book series I enjoyed as a pre-adolescent, I was reminded of the “Cheerleaders” series which lasted for several years but has seemingly been mostly forgotten in the 30 years since it first debuted.

Inspired by “Sweet Valley High” recap blogs written by women like myself who were all grown up but wanted to re-explore the books they loved as children, I decided to do so for “Cheerleaders.” It kind of gives me an excuse to acquire these books and read them as an adult without feeling like too much of a weirdo.  I bought a huge lot of the books on eBay for relatively cheap, and I found the remaining individual books I was missing either on eBay or Amazon.

So here we go… I can’t wait to relive the drama of cheerleaders from the 1980s through my 30-year-old eyes.

Man, I really need a life.


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