Cheerleaders = Bring It On

“Bring It On” was recently added to Netflix, and in celebration I decided to compare the main characters in the Cheerleaders series with the main characters of the movie. Some of these may be a reach, but others were extremely comparable.


Torrance = Mary Ellen
The blonde, popular captain of the squad who falls in love with the dark-haired guy who isn’t normally her type. She also basically leads him on because she has another guy in her life. She’s a good captain, but screws up a lot and encounters resistance from her cheerleaders at times.
Quote that sums them up:  “I *am* only cheerleading.” – Torrance


Cliff = Patrick
The non-cheerleader who lusts after Torrance/Mary Ellen and is supportive of her cheerleading aspirations. Cliff feels hurt and led on when he finds out Torrance has a boyfriend – Patrick feels hurt and led on every time Mary Ellen makes out with him and then goes on dates with rich basketball players because they fit her social status better.
Quote that sums them up: “Regardless of all the politics and the doubts and the crap, you just have to know that you can do it. And if it helps, I know you can.” – Cliff


Missy = Jessica
Jessica and Missy are both no-nonsense girls who are tops at gymnastics and don’t need a guy to be happy. This gets a little awkward though when you consider the fact that I’ve equated Cliff to Patrick, and Missy is Cliff’s sister, while Jessica dated Patrick.
Quote that sums them up: “I’m a hardcore gymnast.” – Missy

courtney whitney

Courtney and Whitney = Nancy and Tara
Courtney and Whitney are the two feistiest cheerleaders who sometimes try to undermine their captain, but ultimately come together with the rest of the squad. Nancy and Mary Ellen butted heads a lot, and Nancy could be rebellious when she wanted to be. Tara started out as a manipulative schemer with a heart of gold, and at times wanted to be captain over Olivia.
Quote that sums them up: “We learned that routine fair and square. We logged the man-hours. Don’t punish the squad for Big Red’s mistake. This isn’t about cheating. This is about winning. Everyone in favor of winning?” – Courtney


Kasey = Angie
Kasey, like Angie, is sweet and kinda dumb.
Quote that sums them up:
Darcy: Remember – They give extra points for alacrity and effulgence.
Kasey: Did we bring those?


Darcy = Hope
Hope and Darcy both really care about their grades – Darcy spends the whole movie talking about the SATs – and they both have rich daddies.
Quote that sums them up: “Bring on the tyros, the neophytes, and the dilettantes.” – Darcy


Jan = Sean/Pres
Just like Jan, Sean and Pres love them some females, would take on any basketball/football player who dared laugh at male cheerleaders, and have flirtations with their fellow cheerleaders.
Quote that sums them up: “Hey, ladies, wanna see my spirit stick?” – Jan


Les = Peter/Walt
This series was written in the 80s and wasn’t going to do anything considered controversial, so neither Peter or Walt is gay like Les is, but both guys are the male cheerleader who stands in contrast to the conceited, womanizing guy that Pres, Sean, and Jan all are. They are also good friends to their fellow cheerleaders, whereas the girls always have to wonder about whether the other guy (again, Sean/Pres/Jan) is hitting on them.
Quote that sums them up: “It’s just wrong. Cheering for them is just plain mean!” – Les

Big Red

Big Red = Vanessa/Diana
Big Red is a former cheerleader no longer on the squad but still trying to control what they do and still trying to manipulate things from behind the scenes. She’s also the only real villain in the movie, as she stole cheers from the Clovers and wants to undermine Torrance, who is trying to do the right thing in throwing out the stolen cheers. Vanessa and Diana are both cheerleader wannabes who do everything they can to try and get one or more cheerleaders kicked off the squad so that they can take the vacant spot. They are the quintessential villains that the cheerleaders are always fighting.
Quote that sums them up: “Look, the truth is I was a real leader, okay? I did what I had to do to win nationals. And ever since I handed the reins over to you, you’ve run my squad straight into the ground!” – Big Red


Sparky Polastri = Slammer Akins
Slammer is the weirdo who takes over the squad in Book #26 and wants to whip the cheerleaders into shape, while insulting them at every turn. Sparky comes in to teach the cheerleaders a routine and tells them how terrible they all are.
Quote that sums them up: “What you do is a tiny, pathetic subset of dancing. I will attempt to turn your robotic routines into poetry, written with the human body. Follow me or perish, sweater monkeys.” – Sparky


Other nondescript cheerleaders = Olivia
Olivia is just too boring to match up with any of the characters in the movie.


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