#1 OTP: Mary Anne vs. Logan

I guess you could say my first “OTP” was Mary Anne Spier and Logan Bruno from The Baby-Sitters Club. I wanted to be like Stacey, but I related most to Mary Anne, since I was quiet and shy and unsophisticated, just like her. I always loved the romance between Mary Anne and Logan, and I even remember telling my mom about it when I first read the book where they broke up.

My collection of BSC books are long gone, having gotten water damage in my parents’ garage, but I recently went thrift store shopping and found some BSC books for super cheap. Coincidentally, all of the milestone books for Mary Anne and Logan were available, so I thought it would be fun to re-read them and recap them here, in honor of my first favorite couple.

#41 – Mary Anne vs. Logan

FullSizeRender (4)
I always thought they looked soooo cute on this cover!

Mary Anne and Logan have been having a number of rough patches lately. She feels like he’s being too pushy, and sometimes she wonders if she’s falling out of love with him.

She’s getting ready to go on a babysitting job when Logan calls to see if she wants to go to a movie. When she tells him she can’t, he suggests that she get Dawn to babysit in her place, but Mary Anne still says no. The conversation upsets her, and she almost starts to cry. When she gets to her sitting job at the Prezziosos, Logan calls her again and she tells him she can’t talk. He calls two more times before she can finally speak with him, and he makes a plan for them to get pizza the next night without asking if Mary Anne is okay with it. She is not upset that he made plans, just that he did it without even considering asking her first.

On the following Saturday, Mary Anne has no plans and just wants to curl up by the fire and read “Wuthering Heights” as it snows outside. Logan has other plans. He shows up at her house and tells her to get her ice skates and they can go to the park. He looks so excited, she doesn’t have the heart to say no, even though she’d rather be by herself. They go ice skating and help some kids make a snowman, but Mary Anne’s toes get frozen and she stops having fun. Logan wants to make snow angels and go skating again, but Mary Anne finally speaks up and says no, she wants to go home. He’s upset, but they do as she wishes.

The next time they have a date, it doesn’t go well. Logan orders what they normally like to eat for himself and Mary Anne at the diner, even though she had been thinking of ordering something different. Then he says they’re going to go see “Halloween Part 3,” but Mary Anne wants to see “The Music Man.” She ends up saying she’d rather just go home.

Back at home, Mary Anne’s father tells her he thinks she’s spending too much time with Logan and needs to cut back. He misses seeing her around the house more, and she got a C in English. Mary Anne readily agrees with him. She tells Dawn, and Dawn says she thought Mary Anne and Logan would date through high school and college and get married and she’d be maid of honor. (I thought so too!) Mary Anne says she’s only 13, did Dawn really think she’d marry Logan?

She calls Logan and tells him they need to cool it, that she feels like he’s overtaking her life. Logan is weirdly calm and cool in response, just saying “Okay.” She cries as soon as the call is over, but thinks this might ultimately help save their relationship.

The next Monday at school, Logan walks by Mary Anne and Dawn in the hall without acknowledging them. They avoid looking at each other during school assembly, and he doesn’t sit with the BSC at lunch. Mary Anne never told the others about the “break,” so Kristy asks where he is and then points out that he’s sitting with some of the guys. Mary Anne doesn’t clarify anything. Logan is waiting by her locker at the end of the day, and says he just wanted to say hi. They both say hi, and then he leaves. While doing her homework, all Mary Anne can think about is Logan. She tells Dawn she wishes “cooling off” didn’t hurt so much.

At the next BSC meeting, Mary Anne looks terrible as a result of crying all afternoon. She finally confesses to the rest of the club that she told Logan she wanted to cool off, but he seems to have taken it as a breakup. Jessi says it seems like they’ve been a couple “forever” (and since they’re going on three years of being in the 8th grade, I guess that’s accurate).

Mary Anne is starting to think she should call Logan and try to fix things when Logan calls into the BSC meeting and asks if Mary Anne can babysit his siblings on Valentine’s Day. He says he’s going out, and they specifically asked for her because they miss her. She’s shocked wondering who Logan could be going out with, but takes the job to remain “a professional businesswoman.” Mary Anne imagines Logan’s new girlfriend is tall, blonde, not shy, the opposite of her – someone named Olivia. She obsesses over this imaginative girl for quite awhile.

On Valentine’s Day, Mary Anne goes over to Logan’s house and he answers the door wearing a tux, with a corsage in his hand. He leads her to the dining room where he has set up a table of china and silver for a romantic dinner. Mary Anne still thinks it’s for the other girl, until Logan tells her it’s for them. The babysitting job was just a ruse. He gives her a rose, a bracelet, and chocolates, then presents a dinner he made (with some help). Mary Anne is touched but is feeling overwhelmed again, realizing she’s not ready to jump right back into things with Logan. He used to understand her and take her feelings into consideration, and now she felt like he didn’t, he only thought about what he wanted.

She calls him up and asks him to meet her at the park. She tells him he never took the “cooling off” period seriously and should have consulted her before just deciding that they would get back together. She says she wants to break up with him, and returns the bracelet he gave her. The last lines of the book are; “Goodbye, Logan.” “Goodbye, Mary Anne.”

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