#1 OTP: Logan Likes Mary Anne

I guess you could say my first “OTP” was Mary Anne Spier and Logan Bruno from The Baby-Sitters Club. I wanted to be like Stacey, but I related most to Mary Anne, since I was quiet and shy and unsophisticated, just like her. I always loved the romance between Mary Anne and Logan, and I even remember telling my mom about it when I first read the book where they broke up.

My collection of BSC books are long gone, having gotten water damage in my parents’ garage, but I recently went thrift store shopping and found some BSC books for super cheap. Coincidentally, all of the milestone books for Mary Anne and Logan were available, so I thought it would be fun to re-read them and recap them here, in honor of my first favorite couple.

#10 – Logan Likes Mary Anne

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The BSC starts their first day of 8th grade, and Mary Anne brings a picture of movie star Cam Geary to put up in her locker. At lunch, she suddenly thinks she sees Cam Geary himself in the lunchroom, but Stacey tells her it’s Logan Bruno, a new student from Louisville, Kentucky. He’s the cutest boy Mary Anne’s ever seen.

Claudia calls an emergency BSC meeting at lunch because she’s been getting tons of extra babysitting request calls ever since Kristy’s bright idea of advertising at the PTA meeting. They’re swamped and need extra help. Logan overhears them talking and offers to pitch in – he’s had plenty of experience babysitting in Louisville, he says.

Logan comes to their next meeting, and Mary Anne makes sure to dress extra nice and do her hair. She finds it hard to say a single word to him due to nervousness. Claudia starts to tell a story about a classmate snapping some girl’s bra strap, and then they all get embarrassed that she said “bra” in front of Logan. Then Mary Anne spills popcorn everywhere. Logan tries to tell a story to lighten the mood, but then he realizes its conclusion isn’t something he can say in front of a bunch of girls. Logan gets his first babysitting assignment, but Kristy the dictator says another babysitter has to go with him for his first job. Mary Anne is the only one free, so even though she has managed to utter only monosyllabic words in Logan’s general direction, she will be the one to accompany him to the Rodowsky home.

They end up watching a kid named Jackie who’s a terror, but they have a good time and Mary Anne is impressed with Logan’s skills. She manages to loosen up enough to talk to him, and he tells her she has a nice smile.

At the next meeting, everyone agrees that Logan’s great and he’s a good babysitter, but they aren’t sure they’re ready to have a boy in the club. They all vote on Mary Anne being the one to call him and find out how he feels. When she does, he tells her he doesn’t think he should join the BSC, but he asks her to the Remember September Dance. She says sure! But deep down she wonders why he doesn’t want to join.

The other BSC members help Mary Anne shop for a dance ensemble, then they go to the dance together. Mary Anne meets up with Logan and he gives her a smushed orange flower. They start to dance and she’s having fun, but then she accidentally kicks her shoe off and it hits the wall. This is like, sooooo embarrassing, and she gets upset that Logan and Dawn are laughing about it. She goes off to be by herself, and Logan tries to get her to dance again, but she keeps refusing. She watches him dance with all the other BSC members, but every time he comes back to her, she says no. Finally, it’s time to leave, and he still tells her he had a good time with her. What a sweetie.

Mary Anne’s awkwardness does not deter Logan, and he continues to pursue her and asks her to do things with him. They have some awkward pauses in their conversations sometimes, but Mary Anne is getting the hang of it!

Stacey is having a party, which unbeknownst to Mary Anne is actually a surprise 13th birthday party for her. Stacey pesters Mary Anne to invite Logan, which she does, and he says yes. Then Mary Anne asks if he has reconsidered joining the BSC, and he doesn’t know.

Mary Anne arrives to the party, and Logan takes her aside and tells her he likes her because she’s different from other girls. He wasn’t sure things were going to work out between them at first though, because Mary Anne is so sensitive. The lights go down and they bring out a big cake for Mary Anne and sing happy birthday. She is so shocked and uncomfortable with all the attention that she runs out of there. Mary Anne is so mad that everyone would spring that on her when they know how shy she is, including Logan. When she realizes no one is coming over or calling to see if she’s okay, she starts to think she’s blown it and everyone is fed up with her.

The next day her father agrees that she can get a cat, so one good thing came out of this! She calls Logan and they apologize to each other, and she invites him to come help her pick out a cat. He meets her at the shelter and she gets a gray tiger cat and names it Tigger. Back at her house, Logan gives her a silver bracelet for her birthday and asks her to the next school dance.

Mary Anne and Stacey make up, and the club decides that Logan can be an associate member, where they will call him for help when they need it, but he doesn’t have to come to the meetings since it’s too embarrassing for everyone.

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