Growing up in the 1990s, I was a voracious reader of anything I could find in my local library’s young adult section. I graduated from “The Baby-Sitter’s Club” to “Sweet Valley High,” and when I’d read every SVH book I could find, I began searching for other series to fill my mind with delusions of what teenage life should really look like. Enter Scholastic’s “Cheerleaders” series, which produced 47 books in about 3 years, from 1985-1988.

My library didn’t have all the books in the series, so I read whatever they had and pieced together details from the editions I’d missed. Eventually I outgrew the YA section completely and began to live a teenage life rather than just read about it. And now that I’m old (uh, 30), I have become intrigued with the idea of reconnecting with my youth in the form of reading books I read 20 years ago, this time with new eyes and a more sarcastic mind. Inspired by blogs that have done the same thing with the “Sweet Valley High” series, I plan to read the “Cheerleaders” series in order and blog recaps here with my observations about the ridiculousness and hilarity that was 1980s teen novels.


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